Golden Retriever

Golden Retriver

The Golden Retriever has been around since the mid-19th century and is a medium-sized, jovial, eager to please, and highly intelligent breed. They make wonderful family dogs and are one of the most popular breeds in America.

The golden retriever is the golden beauty of the retrievers with their luxurious thick, dense blond coat. This retriever has two coats, as in a double coat, like most of the retrieving breeds.

Golden retrievers have a thick luxurious coat, in fact, they sport a double-thick coat. Their undercoat is fluffy and soft while insulating them in both hot and cold temperatures. The outercoat is smooth, silky, and long, keeping out dirt and water, as it’s waterproof like a raincoat.

“do Golden retrievers suffer from eye problems?” Not all do, but some Golden Retrievers are predisposed to a few eye diseases that can require in-depth treatment while others are easier to remedy.

To be perfectly honest, a golden retriever puppy can catch on and learn quickly even at six months of age or older, but it is best to begin at eight weeks or as soon as your puppy enters its new home.

The puppy’s mother is a very significant factor in their early development and social skills along with their siblings. Their mother should be laid back, calm, and not at all afraid or aggressive towards humans.

Golden retrievers are an affectionate, intelligent, friendly breed and can be an excellent addition to your family. They are active, fun-loving, great with children, as well as seniors, and all-around family-oriented.

The Golden retriever is generally hearty, robust, and blessed with plenty of energy. If you are considering getting a Golden retriever, you may wonder if they are a healthy breed.

Golden retrievers also need training. They are happy-go-lucky and friendly to all kind of dog, but with their puppy-like exuberance can easily bowl someone over as an adult by jumping and giving sloppy kisses.