Golden Retriever Puppy

golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retrievers are easy to train with their abundance of smarts and their eager to please and quick to learn attitude. If you are considering adding a golden retriever puppy to your family, they are an excellent choice.

How to train a Golden Retriever puppy

Puppies bring a smile to everyone’s face and especially golden retriever puppies. They are quite popular, ranking number three on the American Kennel Club’s ranking for the popularity of breeds. Golden retriever puppies are featured on all occasion cards, calendars, 

Golden retrievers are well known as being one of the best family dogs there are. This breed is also highly versatile because they are excellent hunting and retrieving dogs, comforting therapy dogs, and very popular show dogs excelling in all they do with an abundance of intelligence.

When you bring your new puppy home, they may seem timid, shy, or even a bit fearful and this is to be expected. They have been separated from their mother and littermates and within new surroundings.