Does Shaving a Golden Retriever Help with Shedding?

Does Shaving a Golden Retriever Help with Shedding?

So, you are running your vacuum again and your Golden RetrieverOpens in a new tab., which you adore, seems to be shedding everywhere.

You wonder how your poor pup isn’t bald because you’ve filled numerous trash bags with fur, but they still have an ultra-thick coat. Suddenly, a light bulb goes on!

Does shaving a Golden retriever help with shedding?Opens in a new tab. Great question! Yes, it will help somewhat but the question should be, should I shave my golden retriever? This answer is ultimately a no, because of the overall long-term effects shaving can cause.

Read along to find out all about the pros and cons of shaving your golden retriever as well as golden retriever shedding season and how to reduce golden retriever shedding.

To check your Golden Retrievers’ health status or their DNA checks, please visit the Embark vetOpens in a new tab. website for all the help you may need.

Does Shaving a Golden Retriever Help with Shedding?
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Reasons Why Your Golden Retriever Sheds

Golden retrieversOpens in a new tab. have a thick luxurious coat, in fact, they sport a double-thick coat. Their undercoat is fluffy and soft while insulating them in both hot and cold temperatures.

The outercoat is smooth, silky, and long, keeping out dirt and water, as it’s waterproof like a raincoat.

Golden retrieversOpens in a new tab. will shed all year long, but more abundantly in spring and fall. Below are a few reasons why there’s so much shedding.

Golden Retriever Shedding Season

Along with shedding all year, the Golden retriever will shed a massive amount of fur in spring and fall.

This is known as “blowing” their coat and you will wonder if you have more than one dog when this occurs!

In fall, the Golden retriever will lose their undercoat, which has been a lighter coat, to make way for a heavier insulated winter coat.

Their winter coat will then grow to keep them warm in cold frigid weather. In spring, their winter undercoat will begin to shed, again to grow in their summer coat. This is a vicious cycle that occurs twice a year along with daily regular fur loss.


If you notice that your Golden retriever puppyOpens in a new tab. is shedding in excess during other times of the year, there can be a few other reasons and one may be parasites; ticks, fleas, and mites to name a few.

If your retriever is scratching constantly, this will cause hair loss and parasites may be the culprit. Check your Golden thoroughly and use an appropriate insecticide shampoo or treatment.

Consult your veterinarian if you need help and don’t forget to wash pups’ bedding and clean anywhere they’ve been so as not to reintroduce parasites.


Golden retrievers suffering from allergies to pollen or food can be intensely itchy, causing fur loss from scratching.

This can also develop into a skin infection. Again, consult their veterinarian to find out if allergies are the cause.


Humans are not the only ones who get stressed. Our hair sometimes falls out when we have worries or are anxious.

This can also be the case for Golden retrieversOpens in a new tab.. If there is undue stress in your household or anything has changed, a birth, a death, someone goes off to college, etc., this can cause stress and hair loss.

Golden Retriever Shedding Season
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Golden Retriever Shave or Not to Shave?

You may think that no hair is better and cooler for your pup in summer. This is not the case. Their double coat works in harmony with both summer and winter seasons, being insulated to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer months.

if you are worried about the undercoat in summer, it grows in as a thinner coat than winter’s coat. This protects them from overheating, sunstroke and sunburn.

Shaving would leave their skin bare to the sun’s UV rays, not allow them to cool properly, and leave them wide open to various parasites and bugs.

How To Reduce Golden Retriever Shedding?

There are many ways to reduce your Golden retriever’s shedding cycles. There is no way to totally stop the shedding, but by using the tips below, shedding can be minimized and more manageable. By being consistent, clean-up won’t seem like an insurmountable mountain to climb!


Some shedding can be handled from the inside out. If you are feeding your pup high-quality dog food that contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep their skin and coat healthy, this will lessen some shedding.

Just as in humans, a poor diet contributes to skin problems and lackluster hair that falls out and this is true for your retriever as well.

Fish Oil and Omega 3’s

If your retriever’s food does not contain fish oil with omega 3 fatty acids, speak with their veterinarian about using supplements. These are excellent for skin and coat as well as overall health.


Daily brushing is one of the best tasks to minimize piles of fur. Outside of shedding season, you may be able to brush your pup once or twice a week, but when they are “blowing” their coat, daily brushing is a necessity and should be routine.

Using an undercoat rake during this time will help to remove shedding hair and you will be surprised just how much this will help.

Finishing up with a slicker brush will remove loose dead fur. Rubber gloves or pet mitts that have rubber nubs are also perfect for easily wiping away loose hair and this works on furniture too.

Pet wipes are great to wipe the topcoat and keep fur from blowing around. If you are diligent with daily brushing, especially during spring and fall, you will notice a lot less fur around the house and on your clothes. Try to brush outdoors if possible.


Bathing your pup every one to two months and especially during shedding season will help loosen and remove even more of that dead fur.

Use a good quality pet shampoo, preferably a natural one that is good for your retriever’s skin and coat. Don’t overdo the bathing as this isn’t good for their skin by removing necessary oils and drying it out.

Professional Grooming

You can also take your pup to a professional groomer to be bathed if it’s too daunting of a task.

They can also trim a minimal amount of fur to make it more manageable and remove any mats. Just make sure it’s not a short trim. A groomer can also clean ears and trim nails.


If your golden retriever is a swimmer, letting them swim in a pond or their favorite swimming hole will also rid them of some of that loose fur. Make sure to towel them off afterward which will also wipe away hair.


You may need to vacuum daily or even twice daily during shedding season to keep floating tumbleweeds at bay. Keeping up and being consistent will go a long way against the “battle of the fur.”

Less Stress and Exercise

Keeping your pup stress-free will also lessen hair loss. Exercise is a great way to cut down on stress, just as this is suggested to us by doctors.

Getting your golden retriever out for a walk or run will benefit your Golden retriever puppyOpens in a new tab. and you too!

Your Golden retriever is one of the most popular breedsOpens in a new tab. being intelligent, friendly, playful, social, and lovable.

Their shining personalities as well as their beautiful luxurious coats are what make them appealing and unique.

Yes, they are going to shed but staying consistent and keeping with a routine is all you need for every day to be “golden.”

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