Curly Coated Retriever Shed

Curly Coated Retriever Shed

Dogs come wearing many different coats, long, short, straight, wavy, curly, you name it! Some have very little fur to speak of while others have such a dense coat and are covered all over you can barely see their eyes! The Old English sheepdog comes to mind when trying to locate those peepers.

Speaking of fur, some breeds shed so much, you can fill trash bags with fur and even have enough to create a whole other dog! The thing is, the amount of fur a dog possesses doesn’t always mean they shed a lot and vice versa.

For instance, the Afghan with their very long flowing coat does not shed all that much but on the other hand, the Dalmatian that sports a very short coat is a notorious shedder, something you wouldn’t suspect.

So, how do the retrievers fare when it comes to sheddingOpens in a new tab.? One of the retrievers wins the pot of “gold” for shedding crazily with their double coat two times a year called “coat blow,” and daily shedding to boot! This is the “Golden” retriever, of course.

What if you have your heart set on the Curly Coated retrieverOpens in a new tab.? Should you get your trash bags ready?

In this post, I will inform you about Curly Coated retriever Opens in a new tab.shedding. I will answer the question, ” Do Curly Coated retrievers Opens in a new tab.shed?” Also included will be Curly Coated retriever shedding solutions.

To check your Curly-Coated Retrievers’ health status or their DNA checks, please visit the Embark vet Opens in a new for all the help you may need.

All About Shedding

If you are considering getting a Curly Coated retrieverOpens in a new tab. and are wondering if they shed abundantly, keep in mind that all dogs shed. Some just shed way more than others.

Even people lose hair and we all loose dead hair, some more than others. Some people, mostly men, end up bald later in life especially if baldness runs in their family.

In a dog, hair follicles go through a time of active growth, which is known as the anagen phase. Then the hair growth slows and rests.

This is known as the catagen phase. During this phase, hair that is old breaks from the follicle, and in the next, telogen phase, this hair is pushed out by the new hair, thus beginning the “shedding” of the old hair. This is exactly what happens when dogs shed.

Some dogs have double thick coats such as the German shepherdOpens in a new tab. and golden retriever and these breeds shed all year but in spring and fall, shed multitudes of fur, which is called shedding season.

In fall, they are shedding their summer coat, making way for a much warmer, insulated winter coat, and in spring, they lose their heavy winter coat in favor of a lighter summer “jacket” that still insulates to keep them cool.

Again, long-haired dogs don’t necessarily shed tons and short-haired dogs are not guaranteed that there will be no shedding. The beagle is another example of a short-haired dog that is a shedder of the highest magnitude.

Some breeds that have curly or “corded” hair still do shed but they are low to average shedders. These breeds still need to be brushed regularly to detangle and avoid unwanted mats but they don’t shed a lot.

Do Curly Coated Retrievers Shed?

If you were reading along, you may have spotted the answer to this question. While Curly Coated retrieversOpens in a new tab. don’t shed like some breeds, filling bags with fur, they still do shed, but in a more manageable way. There are no maintenance-free dogs that I knowOpens in a new tab. of!

The Curly coated retriever only has one coat of fur unlike the double-coated breeds such as the Siberian husky, the German shepherd, and of course, the Golden retrieverOpens in a new tab.. These dogs lose their entire undercoat twice a year, in spring and fall.

The Curly will shed, but they are an average shedder and will lose some fur during the year and still shed a little more in spring and fall, due to seasonal weather changes, but not bags full!

If anyone in your family suffers from dog allergies, the Curly coated is not a “hypoallergenic” dog. Allergy plagued people may have fewer symptoms with a dog like the Curly, but don’t assume this dog will not affect them.

Allergies are caused by dander which is dead skin that is shed by dogs and cats. The dander comes right along with the shed fur.

The Curly coated retriever doesn’t shed as much as other dogs but the dander is still going to come along for the ride when they do shed.

Curly Coated Retriever Shedding Solutions

Even though the Curly Coat Opens in a new not an excessive shedder, they still need necessary grooming for healthy skin and coat and to keep them dapper looking. Below are some tips to help with shedding

  • Diet and Exercise

As with humans, good skin begins on the inside and is evident on the outside. The old saying, “you are what you eat,” is very true. Your Curly needs a good diet, complete with Omega 3’s, vitamins, and minerals for healthy supple skin and a shiny coat. Plenty of exercises is also a wonderful way to ensure good health and stimulate the skin.

  • Brushing

Most heavy shedding dogs need to be brushed constantly. The Curly coated retriever is less high maintenance. Brushing should begin as a puppy for them to get used to it and stay calm and well-behaved during brushing sessions.

They should only be brushed about once a month or if their fur is looking somewhat dirty from the outdoors. Just as humans with curly hair, too much brushing makes for plenty of frizz!

The monthly brushing depends on your pup. If they are outdoors in wooded areas with all sorts of forest debris in their fur, more frequent brushing may be needed.

For your Curly, use a metal comb and slicker brush. Brushing outdoors if you can keep fur out of your home. If there are any matted areas, you can either brush or comb them out or carefully trim them.

  • Bathing

Bathing also should be on an as-needed basis. This depends on how active your Curly Coated retriever is outdoors.

You certainly don’t want a stinky Curly, but you also don’t want to bathe so much as to dry out their skin and create itchy skin and rashes. This would only exacerbate the shedding. Always use a gentle shampoo.

Keep in mind that the Curly Coated retriever has an oily coat which is necessary to keep their fur healthy and waterproof.

Never dry your Curly with a blow dryer or it will create frizz and isn’t ideal for their skin either. Let curls air dry after a good towel drying.

A groomer is also an option if you don’t want to deal with the muss and fuss!

  • Swimming

Retrievers love to swim and the Curly Coated Retriever is no exception. Swimming is a great way to loosen and dead fur so they’ll be less shedding. Just remember to rinse your pup off after swimming, towel off and air dry.

  • Your home

Don’t forget your home where fur can float and gather in corners and on rugs and furniture. Invest in a high-quality vacuum that will do the job.

Many vacuums today are designed specifically with the pet parent in mind with lots of tools and power for really sucking up all of that loose fur.

When considering adding a dog to your family, remember, they are a responsibility. You need to feed, exercise, take them to the veterinarian and groom them. These are ongoing responsibilities for the life of your pet.

The Curly coated retriever is an excellent choice for a family, when trained properly and given enough exercise. Grooming your Curly should not be an issue if you are diligent.

They are not huge shedders like other dogs, which will leave you much more time for grand adventures!

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